Escape Room Fun

By MAC Member Corey

On October 26, MAC had invited all of the members to attend a night at the Escape Room Adventures, a day after our Halloween party. We originally intended to do 2 rooms: “Brandon’s Totally Tubular Bedroom” and “Espionage Boot Camp”. But we then noticed that the Espionage room had the ability to split into two parts, so we canceled Brandon’s Room and did the other. Two teams, red and blue, rivaled each other to see which team could escape the room first. I was in the red team, so I had to help my other teammates solve a ton of spy mysteries and clues to defuse a huge bomb in a box. We solved a few riddles, unlocked locks and even marked perpetrators on a map to see which one was the bad guy. We also had to send out the information to the main (fake) HQ to “let them know” who the spy was via a ticker. In the end, we, unfortunately, didn’t make it (the fake bomb blew up), but the other team did! So we congratulated them for their success and we took a fun group picture outside to celebrate our attempts on escaping the rooms.

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