New Years Goals

By MAC Member Brad K.

Happy New Year everyone! I’m going to be talking about 3 goals that I hope to accomplish in the next few months and what steps I will be taking to complete these goals. My first goal is trying to expand my social circle and becoming less shy in new situations. 2 things that I think will help me with this is joining new meet-up groups, possibly joining a sports league and making conversations with strangers. An example would be striking up conversations with waitresses at restaurants as well as clothing sales reps. My 2nd goal would be moving out. Yes, I will be doing my utmost to get my own place this year- yay me. While I’m really nervous about it, I’m also pretty excited. Some steps towards this will be handling more of my finances on my own, cooking my own food, and learning some handy man skills. My last goal i’d like to accomplish would be writing my own children’s book. I’ll be setting aside at least 1-2 hours a week that will be dedicated to this task. I think having a set time will help me accomplish my goals!

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