Our Mission

The mission of My Autism Connection, Inc. is to provide opportunities for individuals with Asperger’s Syndrome and Autism Spectrum Disorder to develop skills towards independence in the community while building healthy relationships.

Our Vision

Our vision is to assist individuals with Asperger’s Syndrome and Autism Spectrum Disorder through building friendships through social interaction while developing skills that promote productivity, employment and independence within the community. Through collaboration with federal and state agencies we envision our services to grow and facilitate workshops to broaden awareness nationwide.

 Mutual Respect

We have mutual respect for all, regardless of position or circumstance. We communicate openly and listen, promoting diversity in all that we do. We support an environment where we each have the freedom to act to enable the organization to succeed. Most of all, we will act as one team with a common goal to achieve what is best for the members and the organization.

Unrestrained Thinking

We value unrestrained thinking-generating ideas of what “could be” beyond the confines of what exists today. We take risks and encourage the same from others giving genuine consideration to new and differing perspectives. We dream.

 Embrace Accountability

We embrace accountability- stepping forward to take responsibility and owning our actions. We are proud of what we do and the value we add to each other and to the organization. We hold ourselves and others, accountable for results and how the results are achieved.

Annual "Walk The Spectrum" Event

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