Our Program

A solution for building skills while making friends.

The objective of our program is to provide adults diagnosed with autism with teachable opportunities to ease the transition from dependence to independence. As services for autistic individuals fade upon adulthood, My Autism Connection fills the need for support by offering activities that promote social engagement, skill building, and career development.

Social Engagement

A safe space to be yourself and connect.

Many individuals diagnosed with autism may have challenges with how to make and maintain friendships and relationships, or appropriately interact in work and community environments. We encourage and infuse socialization throughout all of our learning experiences.

We offer fun opportunities for our members to engage and socialize with one another, building friendships and connections through activities such as: Game Nights, Themed Parties, Trivia Nights, Ice Cream Socials, and more.

My Autism Connection
"My Autism Connection has helped me on so many levels on things I thought weren't possible. Before I knew MAC existed I never knew how to drive a car, had a part-time job, or thought of moving out of the house and into an apartment. I've now learned to drive a car, have a good part-time job and I've been saving money to move out."
My Autism Connection

Skill Building

Try new things and master your goals.

Many individuals diagnosed with autism may need assistance in navigating daily tasks. We address this through goal-setting meetings, annual goal planning, progress monitoring, and activities focused on trying new things and obtaining new skills.

Examples of skill-building activities include Poetry Classes, Yoga Sessions, Improv Classes, Book Club, and more.

"I am a parent of a current MAC member. My son Robbie became a member in 2016. Robbie’s mother passed in March 2016 and his friend Justin introduced Robbie to MAC shortly thereafter. Robbie’s number 1 issue was socialization & after spending the vast majority of his time with his mother, at home & each day with her at her business, he now had a huge void in his life that I was desperate to fill. Thank god for MAC. "

Career Development

Embark on new opportunities with peers.

Many individuals diagnosed with autism struggle with identifying their interests or may not have the skills to properly obtain a job. By providing hands-on exposure and opportunities to engage with professionals in their field, our members can learn more about a variety of careers and discover their own career pathway.

We provide opportunities for career exploration and experiences through Career Tours, Professional Presentations, Resume Workshops, Mock Interview Sessions, and more.

My Autism Connection
My Autism Connection