Frequently Asked Questions

For Prospective Members

We serve autistic adults ages 18-50 who are seeking to build friendships, community connections, independence, and job-related skills.

We offer many opportunities each month for members to connect.

We offer weekly activities and opportunities for members to engage. Some examples of these activities are: Movie Nights, Cooking Classes, Creative Writing Sessions, Art Lessons and more.

For Prospective Donors and Sponsors

We greatly appreciate our donors, as they allow us to serve our community. Donations help us subsidize the cost to our members for all the workshops, classes, and activities we offer. Donations also help us bring in professionals in the community to support employment, mental health, self-care, and other education programs as well as support the day to day costs associated with running our programs.

When autistic adults are supported to develop their relationships, independence, and employment skills, they can feel confident to contribute to our communities by joining the workforce, pursuing higher education, or becoming active community members. Our goal is to see each of our members living their best lives- fulfilled, productive, and giving back.

A large part of our programming relies on support of the community around our members. We are continuously seeking businesses of all types (services, restaurants, corporate, retail) to link arms with us to offer career experience tours, job experience opportunities, and help us in furthering community education on a variety of topics around supporting autistic adults. If you would like to learn more about sponsorship, please contact us.