Autumn ArTea

By MAC Member Corey

On October 19, MAC has set up an art event called “Autumn ArtTea”, in which members have set up their custom art pieces and put them up for sale at the event. Many people attended the event to support MAC and were enthralled by the majestic art that some of us members have painted. They also had food there as well, including little sandwiches and various little cakes to accompany the delicious hot tea. Me, Corey Rodrigo, had 3 pieces of art on display which were all propped up for viewing next to some other beautiful art that a fellow friend was displaying. We also had a women’s fancy hat contest, and the winner with the prettiest hat was to win a fancy mug and saucer. That winner was my aunt! It was really amazing and I was grateful that she was the winner. A mug that I designed for MAC was also on display at the event. In the end, all of my art was sold out, along with some other members’ art as well. All in all, I think everyone at the Art event was a winner and everyone’s art was beautiful with their own wonderous stories. I’ll definitely do something like this again, that’s for sure.

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