Benefits of Improv

By Kelsey Holder, MAC Office Admin.

Practicing Improv is beneficial in a plethora of ways. Improv teaches us how to make effective decisions quickly. In real life, we are sometimes put into positions where we have to act and think fast in high-pressure situations. Improv aids in this area because it forces us to stop overthinking and just make a choice and run with it. This practice can be extremely beneficial in our real-life situations.

Improv also allows for collaboration and socialization. During improv, actors have to communicate with other actors simply by reading subtle cues and glances, forcing everyone participating to pay close attention. This can be incredibly helpful in our daily lives as picking up on social cues and body language can be an enormous part of effective communication.

Most importantly, improv can be so much fun and can even relieve stress. Taking time to exercise our creativity can help us loosen up mentally. Improv also allows us to laugh at ourselves and truly let go – which is something we all need to do sometimes! After loosening up during an improv class, we may find ourselves more relaxed in our daily lives as it teaches us that we do not always have to be perfect. We suggest that you think about taking an improv class with your family or friends as it is a great way to step out of your comfort zone in a creative way.

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