Living with Diagnosis by Gabe G.

Living with Autism and ADHD can be a challenge, but it doesn’t stop me from living. Any person diagnosed with a psychological disorder shouldn’t be excluded from society just because they function differently. I believe that everyone should be respected equally despite their differences. I’m accepting of the mentally challenged because I know firsthand that it isn’t an easy thing. I didn’t wake up one day and ask to have Autism and ADHD but here I am. I am writing this story because I understand what it’s like to be considered mentally ill, but it doesn’t mean I can’t do what I enjoy doing. This goes for all mentally ill people.

I believe Autistic people have a clear understanding of what it’s like to be different while we are still able to live our life like any normal human being would live theirs. We Autistics are deeply rooted in life and nature among other things. I’m deeply rooted in music and writing. I love it because it helps me live cope and get through difficult times in my life. The same should be true for all the other individuals with mental health issues. They have strengths and are able to live their own life as a “normal” person would live theirs.

Being on medication doesn’t make me crazy or weird, it’s just a way to help me do stuff on a normal level. Without my medication, I would be in a different world. I would become unfunctional in my life. With that, I want others to know that being medicated doesn’t make you crazy or wacky or whatever. It’s a medical and scientific way of helping you cope with life’s imbalances. Hopefully one day I’ll be off medications and living my life to the fullest.

People are not all their labels say they are. Don’t label the Schizophrenia lady as crazy and unpredictable because she didn’t ask to be the way she is. She wishes she could lead a normal life and be like others but because of this condition, she can’t necessarily live a normal life. All in all, mentally ill people are different only because of what they live with on a daily basis but are fully capable of living functional lives.

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