Jaclyn Sessoms

Office Assistant

Jaclyn Sessoms is the Office Assistant at My Autism Connection, Inc. Jaclyn, who possesses previous experience working with non-profits, also showcases a deep concern for others and a fascination with understanding the interconnectedness of mind and behavior—traits that have persisted throughout her life. Jaclyn’s initial venture into the non-profit realm began with her work alongside animals as an Adoptions Counselor at the Humane Society of Broward, where her commitment to improving lives became readily apparent. Furthering this commitment, she dedicated time as a volunteer at the Animal Refuge Center, where her belief in the transformative power of compassion and empathy solidified. Her interactions with each unique animal, tailoring care to their individual needs, laid the foundation for her desire to extend the same personalized attention to people. Earning her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU) in August 2022, Jaclyn was eager to immerse herself in the world of psychology. It was during this time that she discovered My Autism Connection (MAC), aligning her aspirations with a role that directly connected to her studies, marking her first step into the field.  

As the Office Assistant at MAC, she engages directly with autistic adults, families, and professionals, gaining valuable insights into their minds and experiences—reinforcing her understanding of the importance of honoring the individuality of those on the autism spectrum. Jaclyn finds fulfillment in assisting individuals from across the country who reach out in search of guidance and resources as they navigate an autism diagnosis, whether for themselves, a loved one, or a patient. Providing this life-changing support brings her a profound sense of accomplishment. Jaclyn believes that the aspirational mission of MAC fosters an environment of positivity, acceptance, and upliftment, particularly vital for a community often misunderstood. Jaclyn takes immense pride in contributing to an organization that is dedicated to revealing the untapped potential within a frequently overlooked and unheard population. This sense of purpose drives Jaclyn’s commitment and amplifies her passion to steer others toward a more promising future.