The Sumi Ink Club

By MAC Member Jenn R.

The Sumi Ink Club is an exciting drawing project for an ice-breaker to find commonality and form new connections. People of all ages and backgrounds work together to create an end product everyone is content with using sumi ink as a medium. It’s an opportunity to have fun, learn about others, and create something inspiring!

To begin, have your members decide the drawing surface everyone will work on. Will it be on a piece of paper, a wall, windows, or something else? Once that’s decided, everyone will use the same types of materials. Anyone can add to anyone else’s drawing.  Move around the drawing, adding here and there anything that comes to mind. As you move around, have a little chat with your fellow artists. Take a break if you need to and resume drawing once you are ready.

The drawing is complete when everyone feels content with what they created, when they agree that it’s finished. How do you feel before and after the drawing project? What did you learn about your fellow artists while you all drew? I hope you all get to try the Sumi Ink Club drawing project one day!!

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