Zoomers with MAC

By MAC Member Justin P.

Last month we went to Zoomers for a day of fun in the sun and to celebrate birthdays. We went as a group, and we ate pizza and cake. Most of us went on the go-carts. I’m a pretty competitive person so I knew this was going to be fun to race against one another. Sadly, I got hit and my cart hit a wall and had to be pushed out. Because of this, I was lapped by other drivers—which was kind of annoying. Later some other members and I went on this one ride that would rise up and drop and then stop at certain times. While I do sometimes enjoy rides like that, I was kind of terrified. Finally, I played a few video games ate more food and was done for the day (It was pretty hot outside). To finish up I had a lot of fun! I had not been there in a while so it a good experience to go there again.

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